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We are professional game developers and organizers. Contact us and we'll make sure you stay amazed!

How to play?

During the competition participants must find hidden tasks and solve them. Participants learn about task sites by logging in to the special web page, get hints or links, maps. Finding the right place, solving the task, and getting the correct answer lets them travels further.

Where to play?

The orienteering events can take place in the city, highway, country house, your office or in any other chosen location. We create a memorable adventure! Your gray cells will surely have a job and won't let you roam in your everyday life! :)

How is it going to happen?

We take care of your competition from A to Z: we help to clear the idea of the competition, select the venues, prepare the tasks and the necessary equipment, apply the tasks to the chosen theme / symbolism, explain the rules and present the prizes!


"The best way to make friends and have a good time with colleagues" (Monika P., SEB Bank)

Town orienteering on foot

Adventures and passionate moments for everyone.

Orienteering games by car

Enterteinment without any territory boundaries.

Games in the countryside

One of the most popular events for teambuilding and fiesta.


A exciting event for fantasy and creativity exercise.

Indoor games

Detective, quiz or simulation? Pick one.

Haven't found, what you were looking for?

A unique event, created specifically for You.



We are trusted by:

  • PepsiCo

    Because of the excitement we forgot to photograph, although I had previously thought of asking everyone to take photos! To sum it up, it is a good entertainment- enthusiastic, inclusive. Great THANKS for the 4T team!

  • Ernst & Young

    Together with co-workers we spent the weekend in a country side and got into an orienteering game. We found out that we are true friends and, although we did not win, got a lot of great memories. We will want to play again and try our capabilities in different tracks.

  • Kalnapilis

    We were playing Christmas orienteering game at the end of the year. It was a wonderful game. We were really excited. We had fun running around. Thank you for the good organising!

  • Sony Ericsson

    We were playing a photo-hunt, with managers gathered from several cities. It was a fun game and was good for foreigners, because they got acquainted to a lot of famous places of Vilnius in a short time. 10 of 10 with a plus!


4T (Four T) is a team of active young people who are interested in meaningful time spending developing orienteering competitions.
The accumulated experience has made it possible to make the hobby a professional activity.
At the moment, we are organizing cognitive and entertainment orienteering competitions for various corporate and private clients.

11 countries
more than 40 towns

Check out overall list of places where we can offer a ready-made game here

Our work is our hobby

We spend our free time by creating and playing extreme orienteering games, we participate in various events. Therefore, we can offer you the most interesting riddles!

From 2008
organized more than 1000 games

yes, more than 100 games per year! We have a lot of practice and many partners. And more than 35000 happy participants!.


GOAL - our active, zealous and satisfied customers.
MISSION - to inspire the society actively and meaningfully spend free time on the open air by giving them opportunity to do it through cognitive, encouraging cooperation and creativity, innovative orienteering events in all Europe.
VISION - to be known and accessible leaders in the city's orienteering in the whole Europe and beyond.


We are courageous, creative and skillful.

• COURAGE - we are aware of the needs of customers and are open to their suggestions. New ideas, big projects encourage us to accept and realize any challenge offered by our clients by finding and applying exclusive solutions for organizing orienteering competitions all over the Europe.
• CREATIVITY - We are innovative and provide tailor-made, unique solutions for customers' occasions. Each new custom order prompts us to "get out of the frame" and improve.
• SKILLS - We enjoy what we do, so we do it honestly and thoroughly, cultivating our own craftsmanship. Our communication with clients is based on openness and mutual trust, and thanks to cooperation, our services meet the needs and expectations of our customers.


We are always open to new acquaintance and opportunities for cooperation, so if you are active, passionate, creative, able to plan your time and organize your work, do not affraid of a conversation through telephone and with large groups of people, then we look forward for your resume and your motivation letter to join our small, but strong teams. Mail to cv@4t.lt.


Call us at +370 641 46309 or leave us your contact and we will contact you within the next 24 hours:

Prosperis, NUKC, Lvovo g. 68a. Vilnius